Why Alien Guy?

In my hometown of Cedar City, Utah, nobody knew my real name. They either called me Talking Tree or “that ufo dude” or “there’s that alien guy” and I decided to get AlienGuy.net! Alien Dude or Alien Guy were the most frequently used terms especially coming from the kids when they recognized me and I would hear that phrase as they were whispering in excitement to their parents. I gained this reputation because I established a public UFO Festival in Southern Utah of which had never happened on that scale in the state’s history. That festival was postponed in 2020 because of Covid-19 but the next event will be a 5th annual festival and so it is a tradition that is sticking!

I’m really into this phenomena and the stories surrounding flying saucers and aliens in the American Southwest but I really brace the folklore and cultural story-telling that surrounds the phenomenon. It has inspired hundreds of movies, television and radio shows and podcasts as well as countless tales around the campfire.

This is a ‘space’ for me to dwell on this topic and tap into that pop culture a little more more without detracting from some of my other blogs and websites dedicated to other topics. I’ve created a series of websites as an artist on what I call “Desert Dream Network” to continue an online journey into this no-man’s land and try things nobody else seems to be doing. The field of Ufology is littered with a lot of BS but the culture and the ideas that capture the imagination are sincere and there are also many UFO products and unique pop cultural items that fill the shelves of this topic. I collect alien trinkets and items that remind me of this theme just like my grandmother collects porcelain pigs and anything that is pig-related in her house, I collect everything UFO. So I’m going to feature some of these items as I explore the topic.